The Mousai Garden Roadmap

The Mousai Garden Roadmap.


We are glad you found your way to Mousai Garden; The house of the Pogobum.

Take a gentle breath…🍃

That’s it.

Here… you are already worthy, and you will flourish from a place of value — how’s that possible? Well, commit to our story and let us fascinate you.

There is one particular question that we have established as our raison d’être:

How can we add value to your life?

That’s right, you are our reason.

You are the light that has kept us awake until “the witching time of night” in those days when the possibilities of this newborn world whispered to us right into our creative processes.

It has been a wonderful journey so far, and this is just the very beginning… 🌿

Along the way we came up with a large number of ideas. Therefore, we decided to keep the best and group them into three main sections:


Each section will have milestones attached to its nature. And all of them will bring you growth, wisdom and value.

Pogobum at work.

In nature, transitions are always occurring. There is a little border in which one thing becomes another. Seeds turn into plants. Rocks turn to sand. Night becomes dawn.

Isn’t that beautiful? All we need is time, and the right conditions 🌱

To bring this project to life, it will be necessary two main things:

🌸 Build a strong community together
🌸 Get financial support

These ones are the time, and the right conditions to start our transition.

With these milestones clear, the first steps towards the roadmap have been set in the following agenda:


The driving force of this project is the community. Hence, an organic growth plan to boost the awareness stage of Mousai Garden has been developed in order to draw the attention of our dreamed audience.

We are aware there is loads of friction throughout the process of joining an NFT project, specially for new Web3 users. For this reason, educational content covering the basics and the support from experienced members will come in handy.

To encourage the community spirit, 9 special quests have been invoked in this stage. Each of them are fully loaded with 111 presale spots to be delivered as a reward. All of the further details will be announced on our Discord. So come and join us! ✌️🏽


The project is going to list 7,777 NFTs under the name Pogobum. But only 1,000 Pogobum will be available to be minted in the funding round at 0,05 ETH.

This will be our first presale and it will work as follows:

  • 50 presale spots for small investors and early supporters from the Mousai Garden community. This latter, can be earned by being active, kind and helpful in our Discord 🙏
  • 50 presale spots for existing DAOs with a like-minded vision to the Mousai Garden purpose.

As a gesture of appreciation, we will be proud to return back 25 ETH among those wallets that have minted these first 1,000 Pogobum during the funding round once we have reached the Sold Out.

If the funding round is closed with less than 1,000 Pogobum minted, the wallets that have minted the remaining Pogobum in the second presale will be considered as well.

To keep the project safe, the Smart Contract will have a max minting amount per wallet of 10 Pogobum. Besides, only the whitelisted wallets will be able to mint.

🌚 What is our goal with this? 🌝

Our intention is to create a community, where the first members, in addition to being part of a philosophical, artistic, and innovative project, immediately receive financial retribution for having been the first to trust us.

We also turn to existing DAOs first because, as a project, we love the idea of building relationships with like-minded communities to our vision. We firmly believe that cooperation is valuable in the Web3 space.


Once the funding round is finished, the second phase of the growth plan will be activated. This will include key activities on both the artistic side and branded content strategy to scale the project and keep growing.

This plan will not include neither influencer strategies nor NFT calendar listing. Instead, we are planning to establish relationships with well-targeted artists, institutions and similar NFT projects as well.

The reason we are doing this is because we are not interested in having a cold audience, but rather a select audience that is really connected to our purpose.


The wallets that were granted with a whitelist spot through the special quests will be able to mint calmly at 0,05 ETH. The very next day, the public sale will be opened by a Dutch auction. The starting price will be 2 ETH and will go down until it reaches the ceiling price of 0,07 ETH.

More details about this stage will be covered in the #📯anuncios channel on Discord at the appropriate time.


Once the Sold Out has been reached, the funding round retribution will be started.

25 ETH will be distributed among those wallets that have minted the first 1,000 Pogobum 🌟

For example, if a wallet has minted 5 Pogobum, then it will receive 0,125 ETH as a gesture of appreciation for having been part of the funding stage.

To ensure that the retribution is made to the correct wallets, we will take a snapshot once the first 1,000 Pogobum have been minted.

The Book of the Pogobum’s Wisdom cover.

The Pogobum is an NFT project run by Mousai Garden that encompasses philosophy, art, and innovation (from now on PAI).

Our general goal is the creation of a community that allows the connection of different human knowledge that today seems to be isolated from each other. The latter seems terrible to us!😰 How is it possible to make art isolated from the world around you, without establishing a respectful dialogue with someone who executes other human knowledge?

Each of us (the Mousai Garden team) arrived at this diagnosis: sometimes, to make music, poetry, painting or literature, it is necessary to come into close contact with sensitive human beings who are also in similar creative processes.

There is our great artistic goal: a community in which that passion for art, letters, and other humanistic and scientific creations is reborn, where sharing ideas and supporting each other in our projects is the daily bread

To further this feeling of community, The Artistic Voyage will kick off with the following milestones:


The Pogobum is an abstract concept developed by our team that would become the universal artistic culmination of humanity, where these characters (coming from nine lineages) are presented as a kind of philosopher-gods 🕊

The community will choose between base ideas, but they could present ideas to narratively build the history of the Pogobum by themselves, with the aim of creating a Legendarium built by the different holders that make up the community.

For this, it will be necessary to activate a literary team that will make the ideas decided by the community possible. Once the written material is ready, the literary team will prepare the book for publishing 📖

This book will be used as a source of inspiration for other projects such as performing arts or similar ideas suggested and decided by the DAO… Yes, we are going to build a DAO. You can find all the details about it later…Keep reading!

🌟All possible royalties collected from this and future projects will go to the DAO’s Treasury Vault🌟


With the income received by the primary sale, it is proposed, to create a PAI academy that allows providing quality education to the holders with teachers and connoisseurs from different latitudes and different areas of knowledge related to the purpose of Mousai Garden, in addition to other similar branches proposed by the DAO.

The early intention of this academy is to provide contact and relationship to different professionals from the world of PAI so that the global community to which we aspire becomes possible.

In the future, Mousai Garden Schola will be open to offer education programs accessible to all. The community will decide whether it will be non-profit or for-profit. In the latter case, they will need to determine the cryptocurrency tuition fees, admission criteria, and scholarships process.

🌟All possible income from Mousai Garden Schola will go to the DAO’s Treasury Vault🌟


Communities grow because of the value generated around them. Therefore, one of the main objectives, and the hardest one, is to ✨plan a festival that includes the PAI✨. Where philosophy, art, and innovation come together to show that reality can be changed through them to achieve a better world.

This festival will have a very important musical aspect, but it will also serve painters, sculptors, conceptual artists, diverse performers, poets, literati, digital artists, dancers, visual artists, philosophers and other talents who want to show their works, as well as innovators in other branches that are changing the artistic world.

The idea of this festival is to offer an immersive artistic experience that combines web3 technology with real-life utility.

Nevertheless, the development of this festival is something that we are going to take with a slow approach due to the complexity and the legal aspect in Europe, since we are based in Madrid.

If all goes according to plan, we will assign a task force later this year to begin executing this. As well as the benefits for the community 🌿

Last but not least, please be aware that the estimated date for this milestone refers to the planning stage of the festival and not the execution. It would be a big lie to say that at the end of this year we will be launching a festival.

Group of Pogobum having fun together.

Since we conceived the idea of creating this project, we agreed that the community should choose the future of the Pogobum through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

We are aware of the laborious nature of this decision, but it is necessary.

It is necessary to understand that we are at the right moment in history where it is possible to achieve a legitimate and meaningful sovereignty, in which each person can decide where, how and with whom they want to collaborate.

It is necessary to build a structure where the natural union of individuals can be created based on their interests, values and common causes. And where decisions can be made through collective governance that crosses borders 🌌

We know that it is a complex task because it includes on-chain governance, treasury management, compensation, etc,. Therefore, we have established three phases that will help us to materialize the Mousai Garden DAO.

Please, keep reading! 💫


Once we have reached the Sold Out, the Treasury Vault will be found with 100 ETH. In the short and mid-term, this capital will be used to ensure the following proposals:

🌸 Brand Equity: It will be reasonable to invest in our brand in order to keep growing and gaining value throughout both the digital and real life ecosystem.

🌸 Virtual Land: The metaverse is something we definitely want to try on, so we are willing to ensure one spot there. The DAO will decide in which metaverse we should invest, and the further developments will be discussed through the DAO proposals.

🌸 Cultural Capital: Great ideas can come from everywhere. Thus, supporting holders’ proposals familiar with the core of Mousai Garden is something we’d love to see. This will be a great way of creating cultural assets from the Mousai Garden DAO to the world.

🌸 Treasury Growth: The generation of on-chain cash flow is a must to keep the DAO sustainable. Therefore, two possible sources of income have been set:

  • Royalties: The royalties in the secondary market have been allocated to the Treasury Vault as follows:

🌼 The royalty fee will be fixed at 5% in the marketplaces.
🌼 50% of the royalties will go to the Treasury Vault.

This will maintain a regular income in the Treasury Vault.

  • Investments: A percentage from the Treasury Vault will be used as seed capital for upcoming NFT communities. These ones should be aligned with the Mousai Garden purpose and the DAO will approve or deny them.


The community may draft a constitution that establishes a governance system and fundamental rules to protect the purpose of the Mousai Garden DAO, in addition to the guarantees of the rights of each member as well as their responsibilities.

The constitution will keep collective governance optimistic, coherent and protected from tyranny thanks to the separation of powers. Ensuring that the project can continue even if something happens to us.


This phase has been split into three main tasks: The Layout, The $NUMMUS, and The Deployment.

🌸 The Layout:

The structure of the Mousai Garden DAO will be in tune with the purpose of its community and the constitution that protects it. The goal is to adopt a model that allows members to continue to innovate, while perceiving incentives and benefits both in the real world and in the digital one.

For these objectives to materialize, the commitment of the community will be necessary, as well as a fair voting system that protects the Mousai Garden DAO from the imposition of rules, censorship and / or limitations on minorities. The advancement of the community has to be towards the common good.

We want a system that makes decisions based on fairness, and not based on numbers

So far, there are some alternatives such as quadratic voting or proof of participation that help reduce friction generated by more common systems such as majority rule or other usual methods. But we will discuss each alternative in depth with our community at the proper time.

You will have noticed that reaching a structure with these functionalities is complex, since it involves advanced technological knowledge and legal support.

For this reason, allocating a specialized team for each of these areas will be entirely reasonable to achieve the performance, sustainability and scalability that Mousai Garden DAO deserves.

🌸 The $NUMMUS:

These tokens will be used exclusively to facilitate the utility in the Mousai Garden ecosystem. We are not willing to treat these tokens as assets intended to reflect value or to be traded on the open market.

1 $NUMMUS ⭐️ = 1 $NUMMUS ⭐️

Having a certain amount of $NUMMUS could grant members access to IRL events such as the Mousai Garden Festival, for instance. Thus, be aware of this decision from the very beginning.

🌸 The Deployment:

When the previous tasks have been successfully completed, the Mousai Garden DAO will be ready to be deployed. From this moment, the treasury management or any change in the code will require a consensus of all members.

In simple words, the future of the Pogobum will be in the holders’ hands 💛

That is why we call this stage “The Succession”, because we are willing to hand over the governance of the Pogobum NFT collection to the community.


At this point, you should be thinking:

What will happen to the team if the DAO takes control of the Pogobum NFT collection?

Do not misunderstand us! ✨

The community will only have the governance of the Pogobum NFT collection and its respective assets.

We will continue to work hard for the growth of the Mousai Garden ecosystem. For example, the academy and the festival are two things that we are very excited about, so we will focus on making these projects bigger in the coming years.

In addition, please note that this is our first business roadmap because we are at an early stage of development. Here, we are only outlining the direction we will take to achieve the artistic and strategic goals close to our background.

It will be a pleasure to hear your ideas as well, so feel welcome to join us and be part of our community. And thank you for taking the time to read this.

We really hope you find a Pogobum that vibes with you 💛

With warmth,

Mousai Garden Team



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